What's on your mind:

List Price $692,000

3 BED · 2 BATH · 2200 SQF · Good School district · property taxes

What's on our mind:

Plumbing · Electrical · foundation · roof · hvac

Murphy Home Inspections focuses on the components and systems that every homeowner expects to work when they move into their newly purchased home.  

Murphy Home Inspections utilizes the latest technology to develop your home inspection report.  Long gone are the days of a clipboard and checklist. Murphy Home Inspections employs the latest mobile technology to capture the report details which greatly decreases the turnaround time for delivering your report.  Our goal is to email the detailed report to you on the same day as the inspection.  And this is critical when you are chasing a home in a sellers market.  

In most cases, defects will be identified.  Defects are items that should be carefully reviewed, acknowledged and addressed prior to closing.  Not all defects are the same.  Murphy Home Inspections will attempt to categorize each defect into one of three areas:  (1) repair/replace, (2) maintain, and most importantly, (3) priority items.  A careful review of all defects is important, however the priority items will be identified as items that may need to be addressed prior to moving forward with the sale of the home.  

In all cases when a defect is identified, a qualified, professional contractor will need to be consulted to further assess the relative importance and immediacy of the defect and to provide an estimate for repair, replacement or maintenance.  

For more information regarding your home inspection, please call (917) 536-5536 or email info@murphyhomeinspect.com.

For more information, please call (917) 536-5536 or email info@murphyhomeinspect.com.